By now you are well aware that mobile marketing
is no longer just a trend. These devices are here
to stay and are not only changing the way your
guests communicate, but also how they make
buying decisions.

We compiled this list to emphasize the impact
mobile will have on your marketing strategy and
possibly use these stats to help you prioritize
your mobile marketing efforts.

Mobile Industry Stats

(1) By 2015, 81% of U.S. cell users will have
(Source: Goldman Sachs)

(2) By 201, 54% of all phones globally will be
(Source: IHS iSuppli)

(3) 78% of guests say they carry and use their
mobile devices
all the time while traveling.
(Source: eMarketer)

(4) 25% of international media and marketing
executives see
mobile as the most disruptive force in their
(Source: AdMedia Partners)

Mobile Web

(5) Mobile internet usage is projected to
overtake desktop
internet usage by 2014.
(Source: Microsoft Tag)

(6) 55% of mobile owners access mobile web
(Source: Pew Research Center, 2012)

(7) 74% of consumers will wait 5 seconds for a
web page to load on their mobile device before
abandoning the site.
(Source: Gomez)

(8) 61% of customers who visit a mobile
unfriendly site are likely to go to a competitor’s
(Source: IAB)

(9) If all US mobile internet time was condensed
into an hour,
25 minutes of it would be spent on email.
(Source: Return Path)

Mobile Search

(10) Mentioning a location in mobile ads and
search results can increase click-through rates
up to 200%.
(Source: ThinkNear)

(11) 17% of people make a purchase after a
mobile search.
(Source: Vocus)

(12) 53% of American consumers use their
smartphones to access search engines at least
once a day
(Source: Google)

(13) Search queries from tablet increased by 33%
after Christmas day 2014.
(Source: MobileWebRockstar)

Mobile Commerce

(14) 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones
to shop.
(Source: comScore, 2012)

(15) 39% have made a purchase using their
mobile phone compared to 19 percent in 2011
(Source: DC Financial Insights, 2012).

(16) Mobile booking to grow from 11.9 million
bookers in 2012 to 36.3 million in 2016.
(Source: eMarketer)

Mobile Social Media

(17) Over 2/3 of Facebook’s users access
Facebook Mobile; 70% of Twitter’s users use
Twitter Mobile.
(Source: Microsoft Tag)

(18) 68% of Facebook posts and 90% tweets are
all conducted from a mobile device.
(Source: ATC)

19) By 2015 brands will be generating 50% of
their web sales through social media and mobile
platforms with a projection of $30 Billion
(Source: TheSocialSkinny)

(20) The average mobile social media user is on
2.7 hours a day.
(Source: BootcampDigital)

Mobile has outpaced every other form of
technology. In the very near future, mobile will
not be an option and your guests will begin to
hold this as a standard.

Mobile marketing is forcing  you to change your
marketing strategy!

What are you doing to engage your guests on
their mobile devices?